Renewable Energy

Emission-free energy to power carbon-negative solutions
Integrating Renewable Energy Logically

Rapid simultaneous advances in technologies have allowed solar and wind to be integrated with multiple complementary technologies. Companies can take advantage of this to enhance their facilities and lower their carbon footprint

Leading Types of Renewable Energy

Direct conversion of light into electricity at the atomic level

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are able to capture wind energy at 60% – 90% efficiency, providing a high capacity of energy delivery

Geothermal Power

Renewable energy sourced from inside the earth

Example Renewable Energy Technology Providers
Eco Hive

Ecohive’s vision is to democratize self-sustainable communities through the implementation of affordable renewable energy and agricultural solutions

Spark Power

Whether you need quality assurance, on-site supervision, or full-scope operations and maintenance for your wind energy assets, our team has the experience to safely deliver projects — from start to finish — within your budget and schedule.

Geo X Resources

Geo X Resources- The #1 provider of geo-exchange products in North America

Benefits of Renewable Energy
Diversifying Energy Supply

Reduces dependencies on imported fuels, and increases economic independence

Zero Emission Fuel

Emission-free fuel

Creates New Jobs

Renewable energy provides a significant – and growing – number of jobs worldwide each year

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