Jubril Adeojo

Dr. Jubril Adeojo, Head, Power Sector, Heritage Bank in Nigeria

Dr. Jubril Adeojo, Co-Founder / Managing Director at SMEFUNDS Capital

Dr. Jubril Adeojo, Co-Founder / Managing Director at SMEFUNDS Capital

Dr. Jubril Adeojo journeyed through his PhD vocation on the path to understand the co-construction of the Nigerian banking system and its practices from a Nigerian and an African perspective grounded in our indigenous identity, spirituality, consciousness and culture. His Doctorate Action Research Program on Integral Development Finance is from the Da Vinci Institute, Johannesburg, South Africa in affiliation with the Trans4m Center for Integral Development, Geneva, Switzerland. The core of his PhD research-to-innovation was to co-create a new thinking to the banking system and its prevalent exogenous practices, where gender discrimination, income segregation, and community separation do not exist. Consequently, with the enlarged Centre for Integral Social and Economic Research (CISER) community, they co-created the new thinking to banking and finance, termed the Integral Banking (IB) for the common good. IB simply engages in financial co-creation (rather than the common financial intermediation) where we integrate the resources of the formal urban ecosystem with the resources of the informal rural ecosystem in order to co-create sustainable livelihoods for the common good of the society.

Jubril holds a BA. in Business Administration (Accounting as major) within first class honors from the University of Hertfordshire; and a MSc. in Strategic Finance with merits honors from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom. He is also a fellow at the Trans4m Center for Integral Development, Switzerland, and an alumnus of Fate Foundation, the foremost youth and enterprise development NGO in Nigeria.

He has worked in the Nigerian banking industry for over 9 years now, working with then Oceanic Int’l Bank (now Ecobank), Sterling Bank, and with Heritage Bank as the Head of SME and Intervention Funds.  He is now Managing Director at SMEFUNDS Capital.

He is also a columnist for SMEClub, an online community and resource center for owners and managers of small businesses in Africa, as well as with Business Day, the most reputable business and economic news journal in Nigeria. As a columnist, He has published over 15 articles relating to integral banking, development finance, common good indicators, youth and SME development, and financial inclusion in Nigeria.