Low Carbon Fuel

What is Low Carbon Fuel?

Low Carbon Fuel (LCF), is a fuel alternative or version of conventional fuel with a lower carbon intensity (CI). The CI is the total greenhouse gas emissions released by producing, transporting, and using the fuel. If the CI is lower than the conventional alternative, it releases less CO2e emissions in its lifetime and is, therefore, a Low Carbon Fuel. If LCF is produced within an LCF Market, such as LCF fuel produced in California, Oregon or Canada, credits are earned and can be traded for revenue.

Integrating Low Carbon Fuel Technology Logically

Rapid simultaneous advances in technologies have allowed low carbon fuel production to be integrated with renewable energy and multiple other technologies. Companies can take advantage of this to enhance their facilities, lower their carbon footprint and meet low carbon fuel regulations.

Low Carbon Fuel Standards
Low Carbon Fuel Standard
California, US

Designed to decrease the carbon intensity of California’s transportation fuel pool

Clean Fuels Program
Oregon, US

DEQ’s mission is to be a leader in restoring, maintaining and enhancing the quality of Oregon’s air, land and water

Low Carbon Fuel Standard
British Columbia, CA

Introduced to reduce the carbon intensity (CI) of fuels used in the province.

Clean Fuel Regultions

An important part of Canada’s climate plan to reduce emissions, and accelerate the use of clean technologies and fuels

Example Renewable Energy Technology Providers

solar-driven chemical reactors that efficiently recycle carbon dioxide into commodity chemicals normally sourced from fossil fuels

CERT Systems

Electrochemical conversions of CO2 and Water to Fuel and O2


Electrochaea’s technology produces renewable methane
to replace fossil fuels

Benefits of Low Carbon Fuels
Diversifying Energy Supply

Reduces dependencies on imported fuels and petroleum

Lowering Tranportation Emissions

Lowering the CI of fuels and therefore lowering the transportation sectors emissions

Circular Economy

Creating useful products from waste emissions

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